Dolma Beresford


About Me

I am qualified Psychosynthesis Psychotherapeutic Counsellor with an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology awarded by The Institute of Psychosynthesis in affiliation with Middlesex University. I am UKCP registered (UK Council for Psychotherapy), fully insured and my work is governed by the UKCP code of ethics and standards of practice.

Born and raised in India amongst the Tibetan community in exile, I have grown up in a world where mindful practise is an integral part of daily life. This has led to a specialist career supporting those of the Tibetan diaspora and my career running a fundraising consultancy.  I have worked alongside internationally renowned experts supporting the funding, resourcing and strategic development of national charities, NGO’s and Not For Profit Organisations.

My interest in counselling was sparked many years ago when I experienced how talking to someone who really listened in a space that felt safe and non-judgemental could actually help me! I noticed how this process helped me to see things in a different way and as a result, I changed the things that were no longer helpful. This inspired me to undertake a counselling training myself as I found counselling invaluable and feel passionate about the benefits of it.

Through counselling, I seek to value, respect and listen to you in confidence and without judgement.

I am aware that for many it's a big step to seek the help and support of a counsellor. Sometimes when faced with emotional conflicts, such as depression, relationship issues, anxiety or a stressful situation, making any decision can be difficult. Part of my commitment to creating a safe environment is to work with you at a pace that feels manageable and that you are in control of.

My starting point is always to establish a relationship with you which feels safe and supportive. Then together we can start the process of looking at what's important to you. 

For more information about my approach please see FAQ or contact me with any questions of your own.